Our Applications Cover Diverse Corporate Markets

Nybon Lifting Equipment Covers Diverse Industries

The lifting equipment we produce has been widely used across the world,including cranes,winches and hoists.

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Nybon is committed to producing the best quality lifting Equipment

We always believe that quality and price are equally important.Nybon adopts advanced production methods to provide high-quality lifting products.


Bridge cranes/Overhead cranes,Gantry Cranes,Jib Cranes,Port Cranes,Harbour Freight Cranes,Container Cranes.etc


Electric Winch, Hydraulic Winch, Diesel Winch, Anchor Winch, Mooring Winch, Capstans,Windlasses


Wire Rope Hoist/Cable Hoist,Chain Hoist,New Type Hoist,Manual Hoist,Heavy-duty Hoist,Electric Hoist.etc

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Why Choose Nybon?

Nybon is a professional lifting equipment company. We produce industrial lifting equipment such as crane lifting machinery,hydraulic lifting machines,mobile lifting equipment,portable lifting equipment. etc

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Nybon Crane Series

Nybon has a rich experience in crane design and manufacture and has grown into a professional player in crane and winch industry as we always focus on the needs of esteemed customers.

nybon machinery

Towing & pulling winches

Nybon Winch Series

Nybon offers an array of varying services of electric winch,hydraulic winch,heavy duty windlasses,anchor winch,mooring winch,diesel winch,motor winch,spillway gate hoist.etc

Electric Hoist vs manual hoist

Nybon Hoist Series

Electric hoist is a kind of special lifting equipment, which is installed on overhead crane and gantry crane. Electric hoist has the characteristics of small size, light weight, simple operation and convenient use. It is used in industrial and mining enterprises, storage, docks.etc


grúa pórtico, grúa puente, grúa giratoria

NYBON Cranes

Nybon has been in the field of making great cranes, gantry cranes, jib cranes, monorail cranes, KBK cranes, deck cranes, EOT cranes, balance cranes, single girder cranes, and double girder cranes


cabrestante eléctrico, cabrestante hidráulico, cabrestante diésel, cabrestante de ancla

Nybon Winches

Our heavy-duty winch products cover electric winches, windlasses, anchor winches, mooring winches, electric and hydraulic winches, motor winch, spillway gate hoists


polipasto eléctrico, polipasto de cable, polipasto de cadena

nybon hoists

Electric hoist, wire rope hoist, chain hoist. etc. The hoist equipment can be used independently as a lifting machine or can be installed on single-beam or dual-beam cranes.

Your needs Matter At Nybon

We respect the needs of our customers, and will provide solutions in a timely manner according to the actual use of users, change drawings, and redesign.

A Place Where People Enjoy Working.

We respect our employees, their professionalism will help our customers to provide the best lifting solutions

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Thanks to our advanced production methods, our products cover many aspects of lifting equipment

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