Nybon Explosion-proof Hoist

Type:Standard Electirc Hoist ,Large-Tonnage ,EU-Type ,Deck/Shipping /Low Headroom/Crab Bucket Type .Etc

Capactity:The Largest Lifting Weight: 63ton, The Max Lifting Height :30m

explosion proof hoist

Application of explosion proof chain hoists:

Explosion-proof hoists generally use technology that eliminates potential ignition sources

For example: design special components and components for long-term operation monitoring for high temperature and electric spark environments; or in such environments, use explosion-proof hoist shells to isolate the internal ignition source and the impact on the surrounding environment.

In many commercial and industrial applications, flammable gases, vapors and dusts need to be handled because they can cause explosions.

For example: chemical industry, waste treatment plants, gas suppliers, metal processing companies, wood processing companies, paint shops, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, oil refineries, etc.

Explosion-proof chain hoists can be used together with explosion-proof manual monorail trolleys to form a manual lifting and transportation trolley. , and other potential fire and explosion hazardous environments, the friction and impact of products during operation will not produce mechanical sparks, effectively preventing fire accidents and ensuring national property and personal safety. It is also an indispensable special tool for machinery manufacturing and machinery maintenance.

Explosion-proof hoist is a very important preventive measure to ensure personal safety and the safety of various production, storage and conveying systems when explosive mixtures mixed with flammable gas, dust and air are generated in the surrounding environment during the use of industrial hoists. .

Explosion-proof hoist: aluminum bronze and beryllium bronze are used as blanks, and the shell of the chain hoist is made of H62 copper alloy material.

The rotating gear of the explosion-proof hoist has undergone high temperature heat treatment to achieve high wear resistance of the gear. The explosion-proof chain hoist bracelet has small pulling force, light weight, easy to carry, beautiful appearance, small size and durability.

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