Crane Cabin with Air-conditioner for Overhead Crane and Ganrty Crane

Crane Cabin-crane operator room is Mainly Used in Transport Machinery Starting, Speed, Reversing and Braking

Crane cabin is also called crane operator cabin, crane driver cab, hoist safe operation, industrial operation cabin, heavy machinery control unit, etc. The cabin is one of the most important parts of the crane. The crane cabin is a critical facility to ensure crane operator safety. From this crane cab, the crane operators can perform real-time monitoring of the operating status associated with the crane, lifting hook and lifted goods. The design stability of cabin will directly affect the driver’s safety and the good view provides the driver with comfortable operating conditions.

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Working Temperature -40ºC to 50ºC Max.Operating Directions 8
Handle Stick Operating Force ≤20N Mechanisms are Controlled 2
Mechanical Life 1.6 million times in Each direction Max.Shift Steps Each Direction 5
Shift Step with Auto Zero Reseting
Power supply AC Max.Contacts Each Mechanism 11
Rated Current 10A Handle Stick with zero position lock device

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We can provide services throughout the life of all machinery we manufacture, providing solutions for every stage, encompassing maintenance ,repair, modifications, parts supply, and facilities modernization and optimization for our cranes and winches.

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